"We do more than tan... We give you light"

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What makes the spray tans at Hot Spot Tanning unique? We ensure the best possible quality tan for every customer by customizing the spray tan. Our experienced tanning professionals and state-of-the-art spray tan equipment both help to make our spray tan experience truly one-of-a-kind.

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Get Ready For Your Hot Spot Spray Tan

In order to receive a gorgeous customized spray tan, you have to prepare. Before, during and after you receive your Spray Tan at specific Hot Spot Tanning locations, make sure you follow these steps. In addition to these steps, a Certified Spray Tan Technician will be there to help guide you and ensure that you have the best possible spray tan experience at our salon. When you choose to get a spray tan at Hot Spot Tanning, you’ll watch yourself become bronzed right before your eyes!

Once the waiting period is up, take a hot shower to wash off any excess solution. Do not use soap or a loofah during your first shower after the spray tan. When you finish showering, pat yourself dry and get ready to see your beautiful new tan!

Before Your Spray Tan

Before you come to Hot Spot Tanning for your spray tan, remember to shower, exfoliate 24-48 hours prior to your session, and shave to remove all skin impurities. Make sure you don’t have any barriers on your skin such as:


During Your Spray Tan

While getting your spray tan done at Hot Spot Tanning, you must wear some type of underwear (most customers choose to wear a thong). It is at your discretion on how much or how little clothing is worn during a session. Upon finishing your customized spray tan, your skin will feel dewy and may stain clothes that are too tight, so loose and dark colored clothing is a must! Satin or silk clothing options are not recommended.

After Your Spray Tan

When scheduling your spray tan, try to find a time that will allow you to have 24 hours available after your tan to avoid getting hot, sweaty and showering. During this time period, the spray tan is settling into your skin. When you wait the allotted amount of time before showering, working out or getting hot, you are guaranteeing yourself a richer tan color that will last much longer!

Hot Spot Tanning is excited
to offer
One Hour Rapid ONE!

Yes, you read it right. Hot Spot Tanning offers a ONE-HOUR solution, which allows you to shower in only one hour to achieve a bronze color. This service is a revolutionary solution that delivers rapid, custom color in as little as 1-3 hours! This new solution was developed for our on-the-go clients.

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You can schedule your custom spray tan at one of the following

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